Parent Organization: Georgetown University

Georgetown Collaborative Diplomacy Initiative (GCDI) is a Georgetown University graduate student organization seeking to educate students about the diverse actors influencing contemporary diplomacy; to provide practical experiences to help acquaint students with practitioners in one or more of diplomacy’s many subfields; and to foster creative and collaborative solutions to complex diplomatic problems. 
GCDI therefore has a dual purpose: first, it will acquaint students with the  current diplomatic landscape, in which “non-traditional” or “alternative diplomacy” involving the private sector, academia, civil society, and cultural and religious institutions is used in concert with traditional, government-to-government diplomacy. Second, it will equip those students with the toolsthe knowledge, networks, and experience to alter the diplomatic landscape for the better.
Club activities will include hosting speakers and panel events with practitioners of collaborative diplomacy as well as site visits to organizations in the practice of collaborative diplomacy. The organization will also serve as a forum for students to discuss new and creative solutions for conflict resolution in places where traditional (government to government) diplomacy has stalled or failed. Graduate students of all disciplines are most welcome as members; those not studying diplomacy bring unique perspectives that will help the group think creatively.
Address 3700 O St. NW
Washington, DC 20057